Why Recycle-Bowl?

Recycling is one of the easiest and most effective actions ANYONE can do to protect natural resources, conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create jobs. Recycling also provides materials that are made into new products. Want to ignite recycling in your school?  Friendly competition is a proven way to motivate young people toward adopting sustainable behaviors.

Through Recycle-Bowl, we hope to galvanize or improve recycling in elementary, middle and high schools across America.

Our Mission

Invigorate student participation in recycling through a national K-12 competition.


  • Establish new recycling programs within schools
  • Increase or improve recycling rates in schools that currently recycle
  • Provide teacher/student educational opportunities about recycling and waste reduction

5 Simple Steps to Compete in Recycle-Bowl

1)  Register Your School

2) Make a Game Plan

  • Recycle-Bowl is perfect for experienced veterans as well as recycling rookies.  Create a game plan to reach your team’s goals, whether you’re aiming to launch a brand new recycling program or improving your current recycling rate and quality.  Find tips in this guide on how to start a school recycling program.

3) Rally Your Team

  • Communicate with your school’s teachers, custodians, staff, and students so they know about the Recycle-Bowl competition and can get in the game! Train your team by educating them on what is recyclable at your school.  Find ideas for promoting the competition as well as engaging educational activities in the Recycle-Bowl resources pages. 

4) Compete

5) Submit your score

  • Report your data so you can see how your school stacked up against the competition.  Find out how to report your data here.