Competition Resources

The following resources will help your school compete in the competition and share your successes with your community. Use the resources in the "recruit" section to help gain support for Recycle-Bowl in your school or community. Then, use the "promote" section resources to build excitement in your school around the competition. Finally, once the competition is over, use the tools in the "celebrate" section to celebrate your successes and thank those who helped with the program. 


Recycle-Bowl Overview Flyer and Save the Date Card

Need some help explaining Recycle-Bowl to your principal, Green Team or PTA? This Recycle-Bowl 1 Page Overview should help! 

Participation Letter to Schools

Would you like to engage with your local schools through Recycle-Bowl? You can fill-in and send this template to your local school requesting their participation in the Recycle-Bowl competition. Employee Engagement Letter

Recycle-Bowl Logo

Download copies of the Recycle-Bowl logo to include on your own posters, signs, scoreboards, or other materials.  Logo (vertical) | Logo (horizontal)

Prize Solicitation Letter

Recycle-Bowl is flexible in that we welcome mini-competitions to be held within the full competition. Solicit extra prizes to be given out to the winning school in your town or the winning classroom within your school. A sample prize solicitation letter can be found here: Prize Solicitation Letter


Place competition posters throughout the school. Recycle-Bowl has high-quality posters available to print on demand. Double click on the thumbnails below to download.

Local Newspaper and Radio Public Service Announcements

Drive Recycle-Bowl school registration via local media. Download sample Radio PSAs or a community-specific Recycle-Bowl news release sample here. 

E-newsletter Articles, Blog Posts and Social Media Updates

Looking to drive awareness for the Recycle-Bowl competition in your town? Don’t recreate the wheel. Download these sample e-newsletter articles, blog posts and social media updates.

Student Media Public Service Announcements

Develop Recycle-Bowl public service announcements for school supported newspapers, television or radio featuring the school principal, students, school athletes or the team mascot. An example can be downloaded here.

Recycle-Bowl Scorecards

These scorecards will help your school keep track of the weight of your recyclables and show others how well you are doing. Double click on the thumbnails below to download. These are not required to be turned in. However, if you are a winner you might be asked to show some proof and these can be used. This spreadsheet has multiple tabs allowing flexibility based on your material mix.

  • Do you collect material all mixed together? If so, click here.
  • Do you collect paper separate from cans and bottles? Yes, then try this scorecard.
  • Does your school separate all recyclables into different containers for collection? A source separated scorecard is here.
  • Looking for an editable Scorecard that can calculate totals for you? Download this spreadsheet that has multiple tabs allowing flexibility based on your material mix.
Other School Ideas
  • Update your school’s website telling the community you are participating in Recycle-Bowl.
  • Let students, faculty and staff know the school is participating in Recycle-Bowl via a school wide email.
  • Create recycling related cafeteria table tents.
  • Create recycling ads on school sidewalks using chalk.


Award Ceremony Toolkit
Custodian Thank You Letter
  • Keep America Beautiful knows that the custodial staff at any school is integral to a school’s recycling program. Make sure to acknowledge their support by writing a thank you letter that can be placed in their personnel file. Download a sample here:  Custodian Letter