Plogging is a blend of the Swedish phrase ‘plocka upp’ (meaning ‘pick up’) and ‘jogging’. It debuted in Sweden in 2016 and made its way to the United States in 2018.

Keep America Beautiful Trash Dash
Plogging for Our Planet

Plogging for Our Planet, the Keep America Beautiful initiative to bring plogging to neighborhoods across the country, will work similarly to a classic 5k, with the primary difference being the picking up of litter throughout the route. Ploggers will be equipped with gloves, trash bags and litter pickers to pick up litter during the jog. The primary objective of the plog is to beautify one’s community by removing litter along the running route. 

Why Participate?
Plogging provides people with the unique opportunity to simultaneously exercise while benefiting their community. It offers participants a direct impact on their local community.

How can you Plog in your local community? 

Feel inspired? Join the movement of plogging in your local community today! It’s easy, healthy, and gives you a sense of pride doing good for you community. Get started today, and follow the simple steps below to create your lasting impact today!

  • Plogging Route -  Choose a route that is heavily littered and safe. 
  • Materials – Be prepared and make sure to be equipped with gloves, bags, water, and a litter picker, if desired.
  • Safety – Your plogging route may require crossing of streets. Always look both ways when crossing and wear gloves when picking up litter. Stay away from picking-up sharp objects.
  • Disposable – When your plog is finished properly dispose of products in the correct recycling or trash bins.
  • Show off – Show off the hard work you have done and post about it! Use the #KABPlogging hashtag and follow us on Instagram to be connected to the plogging community and stay informed.

Benefits of Plogging

The benefits of plogging range from community improvement to overall individual health. The wide range of motions used while plogging make it a more extensive workout than just jogging. The frequent stopping and starting to pick up litter is akin to interval training. It’s great for amateur runners because it offers opportunities for frequent breaks.

For more information about organized events or plogs, check out our affiliates closest to you and take part in their local events.

Still have questions? For more information about this global phenomenon, contact Laura Peterson at

Thanks to our Title Sponsor of our plogging initiatives, Dart Container Corporation.