I Want To Be Recycled

Imagine a plastic bottle that dreams of becoming a pair of jeans, a steel food can that wants to breeze by as a bicycle, or a shampoo bottle that continues to bring smiles to the beautiful faces of children as a hairbrush. Would you help to make their dreams come true if you could?

Each and every day we all have the choice to recycle. When we place our everyday items in the appropriate recycling bin we’re “giving our garbage another life” – a chance at its dream of becoming something new.

Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council are partnering on the award-winning “I Want To Be Recycled” public service advertising (PSA) and awareness campaign. The bi-lingual, multi-media campaign cleverly shows the viewer that an individual can “Give Your Garbage Another Life” by choosing to recycle.

In a society where each American produces 4.48 pounds of trash each day, this campaign seeks to inspire the nearly two in three Americans who do not recycle regularly to make recycling a daily habit by providing tools and educational resources that will help make the occasional recyclers an “everyday” recycler.

To learn more about the campaign and explore the world of recycling, visit IWantToBeRecycled.org.