Waste in Place

Waste in Place is Keep America Beautiful’s educational resource developed for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students and educators that offers hands-on activities related to end littering, improve recycling and beautifying communities. The activities are interdisciplinary and STEM correlated. The materials are used by many educators nationwide to influence positive behavior, to foster social responsibility and respect for the environment, and to enrich their students’ learning experiences.

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Prekindergarten to 6th Grade  Waste in Place includes a Resource Guide and Parent Guide Big Ideas for Growing Minds (available in Engligh and Spanish) plus multi-dimensional educational tools and games. The children's books include: Where Does Gum Go, If It's Litter, Keeping My Town Beautiful and The Jalapeno Seed

  • Middle and High School Waste in Place offers student and leader project-based learning guides to help middle and high school students plan, lead, and execute community service projects. These on-line resources include steps toward becoming a Keep America Beautiful School including: Litter Free Places, Trashless Tree Trails and Waste Audit. It also includes how to form a Youth Advisory Council.

Waste in Place Prekindergarten to 6th Grade Resources for Purchase:

Waste in Place (Deluxe Kit) – The kit includes over 40 lessons/activities for educators as well as four books - The Jalapeno Seed, Where Does Gum Go?, Keeping My Town Beautiful, and If It's Litter... and You Know It - and fun games. Waste in Place kits meet national education standards and the activities/lessons teach students about littering, recycling, source reduction, composting, and beautification. In addition, the four books and games help engage and educate students on the lessons they are learning from the kit. They include activities on community, littering, and beautification. $60*

The Jalapeno Seed – Paco plants a jalapeno with hopes of growing peppers to share with his family and fellow community gardeners. The pepper grows so big that he must ask for help. Designed for early childhood readers. $7  

Where Does Gum Go? – Gabriella loves gum but experiences the challenges of learning how to properly dispose of the gum when the flavor is done. Designed for pre-K readers. $7  

If It’s Litter and You Know It… - Buddy the frog and his friend from nature help to show the impact of litter by removing it from the environment and properly placing it in a trash can. Designed for pre-K readers. $7  

Keeping My Town Beautiful – Evan and Gabriella visit members of their community to find out how to keep it clean, green, and beautiful. Designed for early childhood readers. $7

*Waste in Place can also be purchased as a Basic Kit with just lessons and no books or games included for $30.

Please contact Katie Joblon - Youth and Education Programs Manager to inquire about training, and place an order. KJoblon@kab.org