Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

The Cigarette Litter Prevention Program, created by Keep America Beautiful® in 2002, is the nation's largest program aimed at eliminating cigarette litter.

Since its inception, the program has been successfully implemented in more than 1,500 U.S. communities nationwide. Over the past 10 years, it has consistently cut cigarette butt litter by nearly 50 percent based on local community measurements taken in the first four months to six months after program implementation. As communities continue to monitor the program, those reductions are sustained or even increased over time.

By providing people with easily accessible information and educational tools, as well as funding for ash receptacles and the distribution of pocket or portable ashtrays, Keep America Beautiful is making strides in educating the public and ensuring a cleaner tomorrow.

To address cigarette butt litter, the Keep America Beautiful CLPP advocates that communities integrate four proven approaches:

  • Encourage enforcement of litter laws, including cigarette litter;
  • Raise awareness about the issue using public service messages;
  • Place ash receptacles at transition points such as entrances to public buildings; and
  • Distribute pocket or portable ashtrays to adult smokers.

The "Guide to Cigarette Litter Prevention" provides information about starting and maintaining a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program in your community and can be found online at  You can also view the new PSA on the Keep America Beautiful YouTube channel.

The Cigarette Litter Prevention Program is supported by funding from Philip Morris USA, an Altria company; RAI Services Company; and the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company.

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