Recycling Impact

Keep America Beautiful seeks to educate, motivate and activate people to recycle more and recycle right by improving recycling awareness and participation.

We provide tools to inform people how and where to make recycling happen, and most importantly why to recycle—transforming the act of recycling into a daily social norm.

Keep America Beautiful's 2015 Recycling Impact Infographic to the right shows examples of the significant impact of America Recycles Day and our other recycling initiatives, offering proof of the power of our individual and collection actions to reduce, reuse and recycle. Because of our collective efforts, we engaged 5.5 million students, collected over 262 million pounds of material to be recycled and/or reused, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of taking 87,827 cars off of the road, per year!

Learn more about some of our key recycling programs: America Recycles Day, I Want To Be Recycled and Recycle-Bowl.

Thanks to everyone who plays a role in helping Keep America Beautiful by taking the small, everyday action to recycle!