Our Partners

Creating a country where every community is a clean, green and beautiful place to live starts with people taking individual responsibility and collective action. Keep America Beautiful extends the reach of our initiatives and multiplies the impact of our actions through partnerships with an array of organizations.

Developing public-private-civic partnerships has been a common thread throughout our history and is an essential ingredient of our heritage. Keep America Beautiful gratefully acknowledges the corporations, nonprofits, educational organizations, associations, government agencies and others whose financial support, sponsorships, employee engagement and in-kind contributions significantly advance our mission and make our work possible. 

What can you do to Keep America Beautiful? Support our initiatives and join us in working toward the common goal of transforming public spaces into beautiful places.

Partner with Us

Keep America Beautiful expanded its experiential learning programs for children through Arbor Day Foundation’s Nature Explore outdoor classrooms and nature-based curricula. Arbor Day promotes Keep America Beautiful affiliates who have developed Nature Explore Classrooms.

Keep America Beautiful administers a webinar series and conference workshop for the College & University Recycling Coalition (CURC), a membership-based, nonprofit organization. Keep America Beautiful also partnered with CURC to promote recycling bin grant programs designed to expand recycling in college dormitories and on college campuses.

Keep America Beautiful partners with National Wildlife Federation to engage students in grades K-12 as environmental stewards through recycling and community greening initiatives. The relationship extended to RecycleMania, to recognize the colleges and universities that did noteworthy promotional campaigns as part of the competition.

North American Association of Environmental Educators promotes youth initiatives, including Recycle-Bowl, and seeks ways to partner with Keep America Beautiful on behavior-change topics.

Keep America Beautiful works with the American Forest Foundation (AFF) to raise environmental awareness among youth through various educational initiatives, including AFF’s Project Learning Tree.

Keep America Beautiful and the University of Georgia are partnering to test how eco-feedback recycling bins are affecting behavior change and to develop an on-the-go recycling interactive map and database.