Grant Overview

Research has shown that lack of convenient access to recycling bins is one of the main barriers preventing people from recycling. With people increasingly living active, “on-the-go” lifestyles, there is a greater need to offer recycling bins in parks and other away-from-home settings where they consume beverage containers and other items. Offering recycling opportunities in shared community spaces has the additional benefit of reinforcing recycling behavior across the board by making it a consistent habit wherever one finds themselves during their day.

Together, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and Keep America Beautiful are supporting local community efforts to expand recycling opportunities in a wide range of local, regional and state park settings. The Park Recycling Infrastructure Grant program provides recycling bins and technical support through an annual grant application process.

How It Works
Interested communities will complete an on-line application during a once a year, month long submission period. Applicants will describe their recycling program need, the setting where the bins would be placed, and designate their preferred style and number of bins requested from a menu of three bin types. Keep America Beautiful competitively selects grant recipients based on criteria described below. After all applicants have been notified, grant recipients will be contacted to complete an agreement and arrange for delivery of the bins. To further help local efforts, all applicants including those not awarded grant will have the opportunity to purchase additional recycling and / or matching trash bins of the same style through a limited time discounted price. Details about the discounted bin offering will be shared directly with applicants when they are notified of receiving or not receiving a grant.

The grant program is open to all government agencies, non-profit partners and Keep America Beautiful affiliates that manage or directly support park locations. For-profit businesses are not eligible to receive grants. Eligible settings include neighborhood, urban, regional and state or national parks, as well as related facilities such as playgrounds, athletic fields and nature trails. Recycling bins will not be provided for streetscapes, businesses, schools or other locations not directly related to a park setting.

How To Apply
Proposals are accepted once a year during a month-long application period. The 2018 application period is now closed. Applicants will be notified whether a grant has been awarded in mid-March. Contingent on our supplier’s production schedule, recycling bins will generally be delivered in late April / early May.

How Proposals Are Evaluated
The grant program typically receives a large number of applications and as a result is very competitive. All applications are ranked based on the following criteria, with the top candidates selected to receive grants.

  • Likelihood to recover large quantity of beverage containers   There is a large quantity of recyclable beverage containers and a realistic plan to recover them in locations where bins would be placed.
  • Planning and Organization   Proposal is well thought out; Applicant has done their homework to get recycling program established and ensure it’s long term sustainability.
  • Potential to spur / investment in public space recycling   Examples that demonstrate this: plan to invest matching funds for additoinal recycling bins; Project intended as pilot to inform future expansion; Award will be used to attract separate grant funding, etc.
  • Tracking performance metrics   Presents detailed plan for how weights of recyclable materials will be tracked over time;  Proposed system is likely to accurately measure quantities.

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