Grant FAQ

How many bins may we request?
There is no fixed number of bins that can be requested. The typical award, however, is generally between 15 and 100 bins. Applicants should provide the total number of bins needed and indicate on the form whether they are willing to accept a smaller award. You may request one type of bin only. The actual number of bins awarded will be based on availability and need as determined in consultation with the recipients. Recipients will have the opportunity to purchase additional bins at a discounted price beyond the number of free bins awarded through the grant.

Why does the grant award bins instead of money?
By providing bins instead of money, this program meets several underlying goals. By choosing specific recycling bins and internally arranging for their distribution, KAB and Coca-Cola are able to leverage their purchasing power to provide more recycling bins than would be possible if selected grant recipients were to use monetary awards to purchase independently. By taking care of the bin purchases, the program allows grantees to on implementing their recycling programs.

Are there any costs to the grant recipient?
Keep America Beautiful will arrange and cover all costs to deliver the basic recycling bins awarded by the grant to the recipient, after which they become the property of the recipient organization. Any installation and ongoing maintenance costs are the responsibility of the grant recipient. Recipient will have the opportunity to purchase 1) additional bins beyond those awarded by the grant, or 2) special accessories for the bins provided through the grant. In these cases, they are responsible for 100% of the costs including shipping.

Does Keep America Beautiful or Coca-Cola arrange to collect / haul the cans and bottles?
No. The grant provides recycling bins, but recipient organizations are responsible for all collection and maintenance arrangements.

Does submitting an application automatically guarantee we will receive bins?
No. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis.

May I request more than one type of bin?
No. Grant awards are restricted to one type of bin per application. Applicants will be asked to indicate a first and second choice of bins. In some cases if there are not enough bins of a certain style, a grant may be awarded with an offer for the applicant’s second choice.

Can we get bins for trash or paper and other types of recyclables?
The grant is primarily focused on beverage container recycling and does not provide bins specifically designed for trash or other non-container recyclables. Some, but not all styles of bins offered through the grant include an option for a lid with a round hole and flat slot for co-mingled container and paper collections. Except where noted, bins will automatically come labeled for cans and bottles only. Grant recipients will have the opportunity to purchase matching bins for trash or other accessories directly from the manufacturer with limited-offer discount pricing. Details about this offer will be shared with applicants when they receive their notice of whether a grant has been awarded. 

What requirements are expected of grant recipients?
Organizations selected to receive a grant will be expected to:

  • Complete a grant agreement
  • Issue a local press release announcing receipt of the grant from Keep America Beautiful and Coca-Cola.
  • Use and maintain the bins for at least a year for the recycling project described in the application.
  • Track the quantity of recyclables collected from the bins during their first year of use.
  • Complete two online reports:
    • Interim report - approximately 3 to 6 month after receiving bins
    • Final report - one year after receiving bins.

A complete list of tracking and reporting expectations will be provided to grant recipients.

Who can I contact with questions about the Grant program?
Questions about the program and application process can be sent to Isaac Nicholson at