Cigarette Litter: Why it Matters

Though cigarette butts may be small, when they are carelessly dropped to the ground instead of properly disposed of, their litter has a big effect.

When smokers litter their cigarette butts:

  • Community quality of life suffers and can result in a decline in a city’s foot traffic, tourism, business development, and housing. In fact, the presence of litter in a community decreases property values by a little over 7%.¹ 
  • Cigarette butt litter and cigar tips on beaches and waterfronts, at ball fields and parks, and at picnic areas and hiking trails decreases the appeal of these public spaces and natural escapes. 
  • Creates fire hazards, impacts local wildlife, and eventually contributes to lost economic development opportunity.

Get Involved to Prevent Cigarette Butt Litter:

  • Find a Keep America Beautiful affiliate near you to get started volunteering [LINK TO FIND AN AFFILIATE]
  • Contact Erin Senft or Danielle Maiello at Keep America Beautiful for additional information about the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program.

More information about Cigarette Butt Litter:

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