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Commercial Zone Products: Smokers Outpost cigarette receptacles were the very first outdoor smoking receptacles of its kind. The patent oxygen-restricting design extinguishes cigarettes in seconds without the use of messy sand or water. Keep your business or home free of cigarette litter with the original Smokers’ Outpost cigarette receptacle.

Glasdon: Glasdon design and produce a range of cigarette units that can be situated in outdoor smoking areas, outside buildings, parks and sidewalks. Within our range of cigarette waste containers there are units that can be wall mounted as well as free standing.

Sidewalk Buttler: The Sidewalk Buttler is a cigarette butt receptacle offered as a solution to cigarette waste. They make it easy for communities and businesses to keep butts off the ground and out of the water by providing an alternative disposal system. Cigarettes butts are not just disposed of in a landfill either, they are upcycled into other products including park benches and sunglasses.

TerraCycle: TerraCycle offers receptacles that are perfect for standardizing cigarette recycling in small or large-scale outdoor environments. These metal receptacles can be equipped with steel bolt bands for flexible placement at your location. They also offer solutions for recycling some of the most commonly littered items like cigarette butts.

Other retailers to consider are Global Industrial, Belson, and Keystone Ridge Designs.

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