Keep America Beautiful

Support the Annual Corporate Giving Fund

Since 1953, contributions to Keep America Beautiful (KAB) from leading, socially-responsible corporations and corporate foundations have been an invaluable source of support for KAB. Each year, donations to the Annual Corporate Giving Fund ensure a solid foundation to offer a comprehensive and robust portfolio of programs. Together with your investment we will continue to advance KAB’s efforts to create clean, beautiful public places, reduce waste and increase recycling, generate positive impact on local economies and inspire generations of environmental stewards.

Why Join the KAB Network?

• Support helps to strengthen KAB’s national leadership role by providing the funding for our efforts to build and sustain vibrant communities.

• Funding allows KAB to expand the strength and scope of our national affiliate network and other collaborative partnerships which positively impact all 50 states.

• Funding builds a stronger foundation for KAB’s national office, allowing us to invest in talented and expert staff, support a robust communication platform and serve as the catalyst behind millions of volunteers across America.

Benefits of Partnership

• Provides opportunities to interface with like-minded, socially responsible companies

• Receive recognition at the appropriate partnership level on our website and Annual Review

• Promote our partnership in your company’s publications

• Take a leadership role in helping raise awareness and inspire action

• Enhanced reputation as a good corporate citizen, neighbor and employer of choice


Customized Corporate Partnerships

Partnerships with Keep America Beautiful can be tailored to fit an individual company’s interests and needs. There are a variety of ways in which corporations can work with KAB, including:

Pass-through grant programs: KAB offers merit-based, competitive grant opportunities to its affiliate network and in 2012 managed and administered over $2 million in grant programs.

Event sponsorships: KAB hosts several yearly events for our affiliate network, supporters and partners (i.e., National Conference, Vision for America Award, educational symposia).

Program sponsorships: KAB offers a robust platform of community improvement and educational programs.

Scholarship programs: To give the members of the affiliate network the opportunity to attend KAB’s National Conference. Many affiliates have operated on limited resources and cannot afford to send their staff to our annual educational forum.


Examples of Keep America Beautiful Corporate Partnerships

Keep America Beautiful offers creative corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship partnership opportunities that promote positive connections to communities through our wide-ranging network of affiliates and KAB volunteers.

Current examples of corporate partnership programs include web-based education, tools for graffiti and litter prevention, Great American Cleanup cause marketing partnerships, among many other community improvement initiatives.

Lowes Foundation logoLowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation
Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation donated $1 million to Keep America Beautiful to support the work done by Keep America Beautiful’s affiliate network. In 2012, 109 Community Improvement Grants were awarded to local affiliates and organizations, funding impactful projects such as restoring urban corridors, planting trees, and building nature trails. In addition to the funds provided, local Lowe’s store employees took a hands-on approach to improving communities through the Lowe’s Heroes volunteer program. By partnering with the local affiliates and organizations, 470 Lowe’s Heroes donated over 2,500 hours to help implement the projects in their community.


Waste Management logoWaste Management
The Waste Management Think Green Grants to Keep America Beautiful have had tremendous positive impact at the community level, generated broad visibility and publicity for Waste Management, and involved many Waste Management employees in our local programs around the country. Waste Management and its employees supported important local initiatives, such as planting gardens, cleaning up illegal dumps and vacant lots, funding school programs, a single stream recycling initiative and composting project, sponsoring an adopt a block program, eradicating graffiti, restoring historic areas, and much more.


Re-source logoNestle Waters North America
Recycle-Bowl, supported by Nestle Waters North America is the first nationwide recycling competition for elementary, middle and high school students. The 4-week competition teaches school communities about the importance of recycling and encourages them to increase recycling through friendly competition among schools. In 2011, Recycle-Bowl’s inaugural year, over half a million students in 1,200 schools across 47 states participated in the competition.  During the 4-week competition, approximately 2 million pounds of recyclables were diverted from landfills, preventing the release of nearly 990 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

With continuing support from Nestle Waters North America, the Recycle-Bowl program continued in 2012. In its second year, 1,500 schools registered in all 50 states, and nearly 1 million students participated in the competition. Winners and recycling metrics will be announced in February 2013.