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Keep America Beautiful's Promise
Keep America Beautiful is committed to educating and involving individuals in productive solutions that care for community environments. Whether supported through an outright gift or a planned gift, all Keep America Beautiful programs and services are made possible through the generosity and commitment of people like you. A gift to Keep America Beautiful helps to insure the programs we provide, and may further your financial and estate planning goals.

Giving Options

Your personal financial benefits of planned gifts to Keep America Beautiful will depend on your individual situation, but the opportunity to make a difference is always great. KAB encourages all its donors to seek the advice of their financial and legal advisors regarding the tax implications of any gift.

We invite you to contact us to confidentially discuss the potential designation of your gift either for the Keep America Beautiful Endowment or directed to specific programs and services.

If you have any questions about giving options, please contact KAB Director of Development Lynne Brooks  at (203) 323-8987, ext. 845.

Gifts of Cash

The easiest and most familiar way to give to Keep America Beautiful is with a gift of cash. Such contributions entitle the donor who itemizes to an immediate income tax charitable deduction. This deduction can be used to offset up to 50% of adjusted gross income in the year of the gift. Unused portions of the deduction can be carried forward, until fully used, for up to five additional years.

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Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Stock that has appreciated in value is subject to capital gain tax when sold. A gift of such securities can be advantageous because it allows the donor to save taxes twice: there is no capital gain tax on the transfer, and a donor who itemizes is entitled to an immediate income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the gift. The deduction can offset up to 30% of adjusted gross income with unused portions of the deductions being carried forward, until fully used, for up to five additional years.

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Gifts by Will or Living Trust

You can name Keep America Beautiful as one of the beneficiaries in your will or in a condicil to your will. Similarly, a provision can be made in a living trust document. You even may direct that these gifts be left in honor of family members, friends, or others as a tribute and their achievements. Charitable deductions for such bequests are unlimited for estates subject to the Federal Estate Tax.

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Charitable Gift Annuity

If you would like to make contribution, but are concerned about your own family's financial security in the years ahead, you may wish to enroll with the Keep America Beautiful's Charitable Gift Annuity Program. In exchange for your gift of cash or marketable securities, we pay you (and a survivor or other beneficiary, if desired) a fixed amount annually for life. It is even possible to make a gift today but defer the annual payments to you until you need them the most. As with other gifts, the gift annuity entitles a donor to an immediate income tax charitable deduction.

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Charitable Remainder Trust

One versatile and effective estate-planning tool is the charitable remainder trust. Assets are transferred to a trust that pays income to one or more named beneficiaries for life or for a stated number of years. After that period of time, the remaining assets transfer to Keep America Beautiful. The trust payments can be fixed or can fluctuate with market conditions. The donor is entitled to an immediate income tax charitable deduction, while enjoying the benefits that come from helping to secure his or her financial future.

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Combined Federal Campaign

If you are a federal employee you can support Keep America beautiful by participating in the Combined Federal Campaign. Look for Keep America beautiful CFC #9836 in your campaign catalog.

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