Keep America Beautiful

2013 Vibrant Communities Impact Goals

KAB recently announced the 2013 Vibrant Communities Impact Goals that reflect our actions in more than 20,000 communities across the country. From planting a tree on a vacant lot to increase adjacent property values to building edible community gardens that produce fresh fruits and vegetables for better nutrition, our actions result in both social and economic impact.

We strive to:

Clean and restore public places for safer, cleaner communities

  • 200,000 public acres and sites
  • 100,000 miles of roads and highways
  • 10,000 miles of rivers, lakes and shorelines

Place 5,000 recycling bins in public spaces to increase on-the-go recycling

Plant trees and gardens to enhance communities’ green infrastructure

  • Plant and/or sustain 150,000 trees
  • Plant and/or sustain 750 community edible gardens
  • Plant and/or sustain 3,000 gardens and green spaces

Construct and restore 5,000 playgrounds to encourage physical activity

Educate 250,000 children to become the next generation of environmental stewards