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Form an Affiliate

Form a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate

There are nearly 600 cities, towns, counties and states — and even international communities — that are implementing the Keep America Beautiful System as certified affiliates of KAB. Here are the steps to becoming a KAB affiliate.

Keep America Beautiful offers two methods for a city, county, region or other defined area to become an affiliate. A migration strategy is available to assist existing organizations or affiliates or partner of a certified KAB state affiliate to become a KAB certified affiliate. To qualify, the applicant must be an affiliate in good standing with their state affiliate and organizational structure must have been in place for a minimum of one (1) year prior to applying. If a new organization is being created we use the traditional affiliate development process.

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For more information about KAB affiliation, contact April Buther Wennerstrom, director, affiliate services, at (203) 659-3036.

Is your community ready to become a Keep America Beautiful affiliate?

Download the KAB affiliate certification application and fee structure. (PDF)


The KAB affiliate certification process includes:

Step 1: Gain Community-wide Support

  • Complete an Application for Certification
  • Payment of a One-Time Certification Fee
  • Invite Community into the Process

Step 2: Pre-certification

  • Pre-certification Workshop
  • Complete KAB Certification Requirements

Step 3: Certification

  • Certification Training
  • Maintaining Certification