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Keep America Beautiful Honors Martin Radvan and Wrigley with 2013 Vision for America Award

Wrigley President Martin Radvan accepted the 2013 Vision for America Award.

The 2013 Vision for America Award was presented to Martin Radvan, president of Wrigley, on Oct. 17 in Chicago on behalf of Wrigley and its 17,000 employees worldwide.

The Vision for America Award is presented annually to distinguished leaders whose personal and corporate commitments have significantly enhanced civic, environmental and social stewardship throughout the United States.

As a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated, Wrigley, which was one of KAB’s founding supporters in 1953, has been selected to receive the award for its significant leadership role in social and environmental stewardship, philanthropy, and enlightened corporate citizenship.

As part of the Mars Sustainable in a Generation (SiG) program, Wrigley has set ambitious targets to reduce the footprint of the company’s site operations by 2040 by eliminating fossil-fuel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing water and waste impacts.  In the near-term, Wrigley is focused on achieving zero waste to landfill and reducing absolute energy use each year. 

Wrigley’s “Go Green” program encourages associates in the U.S. and around the world to bring sustainable practices to life at the workplace.  Active at nearly every site, Wrigley associates are developing Go Green projects to drive awareness of sustainable behavior at work and help lessen the impact of everyday business operations on the planet.

Wrigley is an active participant in impactful global volunteer programs, including the Mars Volunteer Program (MVP) and the Mars Ambassador Program (MAP). In 2012, Keep America Beautiful was selected as a MAP partner, and a team of Mars associates provided their professional expertise on a strategic marketing assignment to strengthen the Keep America Beautiful brand. Globally, associates support their local communities as part of MVP and last year provided over 20,000 volunteer hours, many of which focused on cleaning and greening projects.

In addition to Wrigley’s strong commitment to sustainability, the separate Wrigley Company Foundation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, also actively supports environmental education. In 2011 and 2012, millions of American students of all ages were exposed to Keep America Beautiful’s “Waste in Place” education curricula, sponsored by the Wrigley Company Foundation. The resource guide includes over 100 activities and enrichments for pre-K to sixth grade students that build environmental knowledge and foster stewardship, pride and individual responsibility.

Wrigley’s accomplishments are a reflection of the greater Mars, Incorporated commitment to putting the Mars Five Principles – Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom – into action.

In July, Mars, Incorporated released its 2012 Principles in Action Summary, which highlights the work that Mars associates have collectively done toward this end, which can be viewed at

Past recipients of the Vision for America Award, which was established in 1986, include PepsiCo, Nestlé Waters North America, and most recently, Xerox Corporation.


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