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Keep America Beautiful Honors Ursula Burns and Xerox Corporation with 2012 Vision for America Award

Xerox Corporation Chairman and CEO Ursula Burns

Xerox Chairman & CEO Ursula M. Burns accepting 2012 Vision for America Award.

The 2012 Vision for America Award was presented to Ursula M. Burns, Xerox chairman and CEO, on Nov. 8 in New York City on behalf of Xerox Corporation and its 140,000 employees worldwide.

The Vision for America Award is presented annually to distinguished leaders whose personal and corporate commitments have significantly enhanced civic, environmental and social stewardship throughout the United States.

Xerox demonstrates corporate citizenship by bringing innovation and sustainability to every aspect of its corporate life from its workplace to serving its customers to caring for communities.

"Xerox's accomplishments are many," said KAB President & CEO Matt McKenna at the award celebration in New York City. "But under Ursula's leadership, this global powerhouse has the unique ability to look around the corner to see how to simplify the most complex work that needs to be done which, in turn, creates healthier businesses and a greener planet."

Xerox has aligned its businesses with sustainability goals in five key areas that impact its value chain around the globe. The corporation seeks to reduce its energy use in its facilities and its products for its customers; it works with partners to advance a sustainable paper cycle and offer products and services that reduce a business enterprise’s dependency on paper; it seeks to preserve clean water and clean air by removing toxic materials from its supply chain; it ensures health and safety in the workplace; and its products and services are designed to use resources efficiently in an effort to prevent and manage waste.

Xerox has a significant record of accomplishments. The Xerox Green World Alliance collection and reuse/recycling program, in partnership with its customers, results in millions of cartridges and toner containers returned for reuse or recycling each year. Xerox solid ink technology utilizes compact, non-toxic color solid ink sticks instead of cartridges – creating far less waste. The result is a 90 percent reduction in office waste compared with similar color laser products.

Remanufacturing, reusing and recycling office equipment is a practice that Xerox pioneered. And it carefully manages suppliers that provide recycling and waste disposal services. An audit process ensures that vendor practices are safe, environmentally sound, and compliant with regulations. Impressively, since 1991, Xerox remanufacturing and recycling has prevented over 2 billion pounds of potential waste from entering landfills. And since the early 1990s, Xerox has maintained an internal initiative known as the Waste-Free Factory.

As Xerox's Burns writes in Xerox’s Corporate Citizenship Report, the company’s approach to business “can be summarized in two synergistic concepts – simplification and sustainability.”

"Our goals are much the same as the Xerox Corporation. We work to create communities that are socially connected, environmentally healthy and economically sound," said McKenna. "We proudly salute Xerox Corporation for its vision of a stronger more sustainable and environmentally-conscious nation."


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