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Recycling 2.0: Exploring EPR for Packaging and Printed Mater

2012 KAB Recycling Symposium

THANK YOU to all of our 2012 PANELISTS and PRESENTERS!

2012 Recycling Symposium Summary Report (PDF)

Links to presentation files are posted below, arranged by agenda order. All contents remain the exlusive property of the presenters and creators, and we thank them very much for making them available for download!


  • Recycling and the Circular Economy
    Derek Stephenson, President, StewardEdge Inc.

  • The Evolution of EPR in Europe
    Joachim Quoden, Managing Director, PRO EUROPE s.p.r.l. (download)

  • Financing Issues From The Front Lines
    • Dick Lilly, Business Area Manager for Waste Prevention and Product Stewardship, Seattle, WA (download)
    • John Hazlett, Director of Sustainability, Indianapolis, IN (download)
    • Kim Mote, Assistant Director, Environmental Management Department Solid Waste Division, Ft. Worth, TX (download)
  • "Who Is Doing What" Roundtable
    • Anne Johnson, Director, Sustainable Packaging Coalition (download)
    • Joan Pierce, Executive Director, Ameripen
    • Bill Shireman, President and CEO, Future 500 (download)
    • Meghan Stasz, Sustainability Director, Grocery Manufacturers Association (download)
    • Kim Rapagna, Co-Chair, PACNext (download)


  • Opening Remarks: Exploring Opportunities
    Paul Aasen, Commissioner, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (download)
  • Reflections on Lessons Learned from Canadian Stakeholders
    • Allen Langdon, VP of Sustainability, Retail Council of Canada (download)
    • Geoff Rathbone, Vice President of Resource Recovery, Progressive Waste
      (Part 1: Impact of Ontario Waste Diversion Act download)
      (Part 2: Exploring EPR- Ontario and B.C. download)
  • EPR from the Recycling Service Providers' Perspective
    • Rich Abramowitz, Director, Public Affairs, WM Recycle Services (download)
    • Tom Rieck, Vice President, Recycling, Veolia Environmental Services (download)
    • Laura Rowell, Global Sustainable Packaging Manager, Sonoco (download)
  • Key Considerations from Brand Owners: Considering the Finances & Performances of Recycling Systems
    • Brian Flaherty, Director of Public Affairs, Nestle Waters NA (download)
    • Chuck Bennett, Vice President, Earth and Community Care, Aveda (download)



This invitation-only event of approximately 125 recycling stakeholders featured expert panels from diverse sectors  who explored the emerging issues of Extended Producer Responsibility, Shared Responsibility, and possible paradigm shifts in recycling in the US.




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