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2011 KAB Recycling Symposium

2011 KAB Recycling Symposium

THANK YOU to all of our 2011 PANELISTS and PRESENTERS!

Links to presentation files are below, arranged by agenda order. All contents remain the exlusive property of the presenters and creators, and we thank them very much for making them available for download!


  • The State of Recycling: Where We Are and Where We Need to Be [PDF]
    Jerry Powell, Editor, Resource Recycling Magazine

  • Promoting Recycling Behavior: What Works [PDF]
    Dr. P. Wesley Schultz, PhD., Professor of Psychology, California State University San Marcos

  • From Niche to Normal - Bridging the Gap Between Intent and Action [PDF]
    Meghan Campbell, Contributing Strategist, Ogilvy Earth

  • Social Marketing Approaches to Making Recycling Second Nature
    Dr. Craig Lefebvre, Ph.D., Chief Maven, socialShift


  • Carrots and Sticks
    • Promoting Recycling: Incentive Based Approaches and Behavioral Responses [PDF]
      John Thogersen, Professor of Economic Psychology, Aarhus University, Denmark
    • Recycling Incentives, Participation, Attitudes and Social Marketing: What Do Real Numbers Tell Us?
      Lisa Skumatz, Principal, SERA

  • Round Red Pegs, Square Blue Holes
    • "Good" Recycling: Self-Motivated, Correct, Reliable [PDF]
      Carol Werner, Professor of Psychology, University of Utah
    • Social Recycling Challenge [PDF]
      Dan Gilbert, Greenopolis/RecycleBank

  • Social Marketing Research: How Planning Can Lead to a Successful Communications Program [PDF]
    Regan Hill, Research Director, The Advertising Council

    • Hartford Recycling: Urban Challenges and Opportunities [PDF]
      Marilynn Cruz-Aponte, Assistant to the Director of Public Works, Hartford, CT
    • Using Social Marketing to Push Recycling to the Next Level in King County [PDF] [Example Video: Quicktime]
      Julie Colehour, Principal, Colehour+Cohen
    • 30 Years Young - The Enduring Strength of Curbside Recycling in Ontario, Canada [PDF]
      Lyle Clark, VP Operations, Stewardship Ontario

    Corey Hawkey, OSU Sustainability



This invitation-only event of approximately 100 recycling stakeholders featured expert panels from diverse sectors  who explored the connections between behavioral psychology, social marketing, and pro-environmental behaviors such as recycling.


2011 Objectives - Bring together thought leaders to:

  • Share current research and case studies regarding drivers and barriers to recycling participation
  • Identify gaps in the research/knowledge base
  • Develop deeper understanding of methods and approaches to diverse audiences that increase  recycling participation 
  • Identify effective messaging and potential for nationwide implementation for diverse audiences

Sessions/Speakers:  (Speakers to be announced)
•  Session I:  Research Experts
•  Session II:  Case Studies
•  Session III: Implementation

Invitees:  (approx 100 - 125 participants)
Keep America Beautiful affiliates, State Recycling Organization representatives, other key recycling leaders and partners


  • Build the knowledge base among leaders in the recycling community
  • Identify opportunities and recommend next steps (such as research or education campaigns) to advance recycling from a behavior-based perspective, turning research into educated actions
  • Develop approach to share information and best practices among recycling professionals




Our Sponsors: Owens Ilinois and Alcoa

Symposium 2010

Scenes from the 2010 KAB Recycling Symposium

"Recycling on the Go:
Sustainable Strategies for Public Spaces"

University of California, Berkeley