Keep America Beautiful

Cars To Donate!

Help us transform public spaces into beautiful places by donating your car today!

Making a used car donation to Keep America Beautiful is yet another way to support KAB in its effort to create clean, beautiful public places; reduce waste and increase recycling; and generate a positive impact on local economies.

Donating your used vehicle to KAB can help. When you make a used car donation to KAB, you not only support KAB, you can also support one of our nearly 600 affiliates across the country. The proceeds of each and every car donation will be shared between national nonprofit KAB and the state/local affiliate of your choice. It’s up to you!

What can you donate?
• Car
• Truck
• Boat
• RV
• Motorcycle
• Construction or farm equipment
• Any other vehicle – running or not!


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Did you know …

• Recycling autos provides enough steel to produce almost 13 million new automobiles.
• At least 84% of a car’s material content is recycled.
• Keep America Beautiful removes nearly 1,000 junk cars from the countryside during its annual Great American Cleanup.

Give us a call to donate your vehicle to Keep America Beautiful!

Your car donation can help us keep America beautiful!

Take action now!
Contact us at 855.426.2474 or complete the easy online form.


Your car donation can help us keep America beautiful!

Step 1
Contact us at 855.426.2474 or complete the easy online form.

Step 2
The vehicle is towed.

Step 3
The vehicle is presented at auction.
The donation vehicle will be cleaned and presented at its best for auction, helping bring the highest sales price to help Keep America Beautiful or the affiliate of your choice. Potential buyers will have the chance to preview and bid on every donation vehicle. National Vehicle Donation Program takes care of all title- and sale-related paperwork for you: just sit back and wait for your sales receipt in a few weeks.

Step 4
You get a tax receipt to file for tax deduction.
Every auto donation is different, and rules can change from state to state. Ask your tax advisor for your specific opportunities.

Step 5
Keep America Beautiful gets the proceeds.
The money raised at auction will go to Keep America Beautiful and its network of affiliates. They'll use it to bring people together to build and sustain vibrant communities. Then, please share with your family and friends how easy it is to help Keep America Beautiful by donating a used vehicle today!