Keep America Beautiful

Affiliation & Partnership

Keep America Beautiful’s network of affiliate and partnering organizations are leading the way in building and sustaining vibrant communities that produce positive change. By engaging volunteers and promoting collective, local action, our dynamic network helps unlock every community’s potential. Working together with students, educators, government and business leaders people from all walks of life KAB has a catalyzing effect on local economies as it helps produce cleaner, more beautiful public places.

More and more communities are joining our movement and participating in our many community improvement programs. By instilling sustainable behaviors and community values in our youth through KAB educational programs, our affiliates and partners are developing the next generation of environmental stewards.

Our organization remains committed to supporting and nurturing our affiliates in their effort to form a direct and intimate connection with their local communities. KAB affiliates touch people in countless ways. But it all starts with you. Lasting change happens when people work together.