Keep America Beautiful

Instructions for New Affiliates

To register for Re-Trac Reporting:
1. Follow this link:
2. When completing the Account Registration Form, please be sure to list the Member Name as the official Keep America Beautiful name: “Keep ________ Beautiful”
3. Once your registration is approved you will be able to view available reports after logging in by clicking the “go” button next to your affiliate name.
To Login to Re-trac:
1.Go to:
    a.This will bring you to a login page that will ask for a username and password
    a. The password was created with registration.  If you no longer have the password, you can hit “Forgot Password” under the login box and enter the email username. Instructions for creating a new password will be sent to that email with a link.
3. Once logged  you will be on the “Dashboard” page
4.Hit the “Go” button next to your organization’s name
    a. This will bring you to the “Reports page”
To Report for Re-trac:
1. To fill out forms for the:
    a. click on the blue plus signs in the corresponding year’s column.
    b. If you need to save and come back to the form, be sure to hit “save” at the bottom of the form
    c. If you are completely finished with the form, hit “submit” at the bottom.  This signals to the KAB National office that no further work needs to be done on that form
    d. IMPORTANT: To fill out the Cost-Benefit Analysis you must hit “Add New” at the bottom of the reports page.  You can then add more than one event, or fill in the information cumulatively.
2. You can see what has and has not been done by the symbols in the corresponding year columns
    a. Blue circle with plus sign = no information entered
    b. Green circle with check mark = information entered and has been saved
    c.Lock sign = form is submitted and cannot be changed