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Recycle on the Go 2009 Grant Winners

Keep Santa Fe Beautiful, NM

This affiliate was chosen because it was comprehensive and it was in the Arrowhead brand region. They will buy recycling bins for all ten parks in Santa Fe which are used for sporting events, festivals and recreation. Currently Keep Santa Fe Beautiful Board Members go to local schools to talk about litter prevention and recycling and they will add the new recycling containers into their regular presentation. A logo will be designed to promote the program and used on posters to go around town, ast public libraries and recreational facilities etc. An e-flyer will go to all 12,000 state employees most of whom live in Santa Fe, also the state newspaper will carry a story. An ad will also be designed for the "definitive calendar of events" for Santa Fe and for the two local newspapers. A press release will be sent to all local media. Their Board will appear on radio talk shows and news stations. Their communications plan and partnerships was a strong reason why this was chosen. They will for example reach out to all 29 environmental organizations in the area to ask them to spread the word about recycling. They will measure the volume of plastic water bottles at the recycling center before and after the project to determine success.

Keep Allen Beautiful, TX

Keep Allen Beautiful was chosen because it will enable them to reach all schools in their city. They are currently in 9 of 21 schools and this grant will enable them to get to all schools. They also want to extend to sporting events. Posters have already been designed for the school cafeterias to promote behavior change and encourage recycling. They will work with the City of Allen Waste Services and parks Department to ensure implementation. The partnership between the Allen Independent School District, the City of Allen, Keep Allen Beautiful and Community Waste Disposal has encouraged explosive growth in the school recycling program. Total tonnage of recyclables will be calculated by Community Waste Disposal. They will get the message out through email newsletters that goes out to all the schools and a weekly newsletter that goes out to Keep Allen Beautiful volunteers. They will also have a message on the Waste Services bill that goes to all residents, and on the city website there will be information. Cable TV will also be tapped and posters at each school will be hung.

Keep Akron Beautiful. OH

Keep Akron Beautiful was chosen because of their program idea as well as the fact that it is a large city in the Ice Mountain region. They already loan out trash receptacles for special events in the city and have gotten many requests for recycling bins. This grant will enable them to bring recycling to public spaces. They will buy 45 recycling bins and bags and the people who rent out the bins will be required to bring the recycling bags back to their offices so they will be able to determine success. The bags will be picked up by the Portage County Solid Waste Management District and recycled at no cost for the duration of this pilot program. Keep Akron Beautiful had over 80 groups that borrowed receptacles and they expect those to borrow the recycling bins as well. They will have a PSA for the program. Also this will be part of their Greenprint for Akron Plan to create an environmental partnership to foster a sustainable, eco-friendly community through education and leadership.

Keep Stockwell Beautiful, IN

Keep Stockwell Beautiful was chosen because it was a small town and within Ice Mountain region. This is a great project that will engage nearly the whole town, population 436. (KAB’s smallest affiliate) They will engage the church, the school, the coaches and parents in a program to encourage recycling at the towns four baseball diamonds. It will be a program to prevent litter and encourage recycling. They will introduce a mascot and use the campaign slogan of "Litter Patrol, keeping our fields clean". Incentive patches will be given during the season for all teams who successfully participate. Educational information will be communicated through meetings with coaches and parents to encourage the use of the new receptacles. After every game the home team will be required to clean up after the games if there is any litter and recyclables left on the ground. Measuring the bags taken to the recycling center will be their measure of success.

Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful, RI

Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful was chosen because it was in Poland Springs region. Currently there is no recycling at the areas two major sporting complexes for football, soccer, track, T-ball, Little League, Junior League baseball and minor League baseball, also for Special Olympics and school field days. RI has mandated a diversion rate of 35% and they are currently at 26% - this program will help reach goal. They will purchase 20 recycling bins, signage will be in both Spanish and English. They will form partnerships that will help sustain the program with the Central Falls Parks and Recreation Department, the Central Falls Public Works Department, the Central Falls youth Football program, the Central Falls High School Athletic Director, and Community Center volunteers. Public works will measure how much is recycled and press releases will be sent to local newspapers.

Keep Charleston Beautiful, SC

Keep Charleston Beautiful was chosen because of the large number of tourists it receives and because it was a big city in the Deer Park region. They will conduct recycling in their most visited parks by purchasing 27 bins and installing them. The city and county will work together for servicing the bins and measuring success. Education about the program will take place in the schools, on a local morning talk show where Keep Charleston Beautiful is a regular guest as well as other media outlets.

Asheville Greenworks, NC

Asheville Greenworks of Asheville, NC was selected for a grant based upon its proposal to establish a strong recycling program at the John B. Lewis Soccer Complex, which is frequented by more than one million visitors and community members per year. The program will provide comprehensive recycling accessibility that is currently unavailable to community members, a great number of whom consume bottled water and sports drinks. The grant will pay for the expense of 12 recycling bins as well as maintenance and tracking costs. Staff will store the recyclables on site before taking them to a local recycling facility, where recyclables will be weighed and measured. The City of Asheville is already committed to installing and maintaining these bins, and the Youth Soccer Association will work to encourage and promote the use of the recycling containers.

Keep Greenville County Beautiful, SC

Keep Greensville County Beautiful , Greenville, SC was chosen to receive a grant based on the amount of schools (25) that KGCB plans to work with in order to educate the larger community on the significance of recycling. The affiliate is partnering with the Greater Greenville Sanitation District to raise recycling awareness and place recycling bins in 25 schools as well as 6 county recreation district community centers. This program is extremely strong from an educational aspect, reaching students throughout Greenville and providing many opportunities for them to recycle. Results will be measured based on an "outcome measurement system" which has been developed to highlight and evaluate the demand, productivity and effectiveness of the program. The grant will be used to purchase 95 recycling bins.

Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, WI

Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, Milwaukee, WI was chosen to receive a grant because it is a big city and because of the heavy emphasis the affiliate is putting on establishing a recycling program in the public county parks, which includes hiking and biking trails and various marinas and picnic areas. Creating recycling opportunities for boats has been largely unexplored, and this innovative proposal will change the behavior of those who use the water around Milwaukee. KGMB has also developed a marketing plan that includes educating community members and visitors through PSAs and pamphlets. The organization has strong partnerships with the Parks Department, City of Milwaukee, Waste Management, as well as various Yacht clubs and restaurants. Similarly, KGMB will promote recycling efforts as a part of the "Recycle for Good-Milwaukee" campaign to educate communities and they will also tie their recycling proposal to the "Every Drop Counts!" program, which informs individuals about the importance of keeping waterways clean. KGMB will measure the collection of recyclables by employing a baseline measurement for volume of PET/plastic recovered and delivered to the Milwaukee Recycling facility. This grant will provide 70 recycling units to be used in the county parks system.

Keep Mandeville Beautiful, LA

Selected because of its innovative recycling proposal, Keep Mandeville Beautiful of Mandeville, LA works in a small community (11,000 people) that is in great need of a recycling program. KMB promises to enact local legislation to ensure that all special events have recycling receptacles present. The legislation will make it a requirement for special events volunteers to submit a special events application which will be amended to require that all events offer recycling. Currently, only 24% of the 11,000 people in Mandeville recycle curbside; Keep Mandeville Beautiful hopes that by promoting public place recycling at special events, more residents of Mandeville will recycle at home, adding to the sustainability of their program. The Nestle grant allows for the purchase of 60 containers and 100 cases of recycling bags. Recyclables will be measured based on a "Recycling Tracking" form, signed by anyone holding a special event. The form will track the amount of bags recycled through the use of containers.

Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful, FL

Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful, Tampa, FL was selected to receive a 2009 Nestle Recycle on the Go grant because of the strong emphasis KHCB placed on recycling education in schools and recycling opportunities connected with sports programs. The three sports facilities in Hillsborough County are used by 75,000 residents and visitors per year. KHCB hopes to increase recycling rates at these facilities while also raising awareness about the importance of recycling by establishing a pilot program in schools. Within the pilot program, schools will be responsible for measuring the amount of recyclables generated by their school, the number of containers required and the amount of cost avoidance for waste disposal. This pilot program ensures that students are more aware of the cost-effectiveness of recycling. The grant will pay for Clear Stream Recycling Containers as well a Conex Recycling Contraction, an organization that will help KHCB determine the amount of recyclables diverted from landfills. Sustainable results will be measured in terms of recycling figures based upon the number of bags of recycled material.

Keep Council Bluffs Beautiful, IA

Keep Council Bluffs Beautiful, Council Bluffs, IA was selected for a 2009 Nestle Recycle on the Go grant based on their proposal to establish a recycling program at the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex, an 8,000 seat arena and convention center used for sports games, concerts, trade shows, banquets and numerous other events. More than 300,000 people use this facility but it currently does not have the proper receptacles for recycling. KCBB will use the grant to purchase recycling containers that will be placed next to every trash bin. Recycled materials will be weighed, sorted and processed and continually measured in order to demonstrate long-term change. As the program takes off, community members and visitors will be more aware of how easy it is to recycle and participate in the sustainability of the program.


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