Keep America Beautiful


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Download the Impact Report Themes and Reporting Guideline: Click here

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(use Lowe's Grant as subject heading and please include your organization name)

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Questions? Contact Peter O'Keefe: or (203) 659-3052

2012 KAB Grant Program Closed - Check Back in January 2013 for New Grant Opportunities

  • 2012 UPS/KAB Community Improvement Grants (closed)
  • 2012 Lowe's Community Improvement Grants (Phase 1, closed)
  • 2012 Solo Cup Company Foodservice Packaging End-of-Life Grants (closed)
  • 2012 Waste Management/KAB Think Green Grants (closed)
  • 2012 Coca-Cola Public Space & Collegiate Bin Grants (closed) 
  • 2012 Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP) Grants (closed)
  • 2012 Lowe's Community Improvement Grants (closed) 
  • 2012 Graffiti Hurts® National Grant Program (closed)



Before you get started...

  • Is your affiliate in good standing and eligible to apply for the grant?

  • WATCH YOUR FILE SIZE! No one file should be larger than 1MB! The ideal application is one document (either Word doc or PDF) with pictures embedded within the document. Click here for a sample application.

  • Plan and prepare, don’t rush. Give yourself enough time (1-2 weeks if possible) to prepare the grant application.

  • Deadlines. Will you be able to meet the program due date/execute the project on-time?

  • Grant writing. Who in your organization is best suited to effectively write the grant proposal?

  • Edit and proof. Arrange with colleagues, department heads or mentors to review a first draft to make sure you are on the mark.

  • Questions? Contact Grace Massinello: or 203. 659.3032