Keep America Beautiful

Extended Producer Responsibility

Community resources to grow and maintain effective waste reduction and recycling programs are increasingly and, in some cases, critically constrained.  This makes the current discussion over responsibility for the end-of-life management of products and packaging, and the allocation of that responsibility, even more urgent.  As part of our effort in advancing recycling, we endeavor to provide our stakeholders with information on Extended Producer Responsibility approaches, its evolution and implications.   The following is KAB’s statement on EPR:

Keep America Beautiful believes that an effective product stewardship approach, with shared responsibility among all stakeholders, is an essential strategic element for achieving sustainable waste reduction and recycling goals.

1. Such an approach should include the design, collection, transportation, reuse, recycling or responsible disposition of covered products.

2. Producers should be responsible for contributing to a stewardship program that encourages the source reduction and responsible end-of-life management of covered products and addresses the lifecycle impacts of these products. 

3. Retailers should be responsible for participating in collection, as appropriate, of covered products.

4. Consumers should be responsible for using the return systems required for such programs.

5. State and local governments should be responsible for establishing goals and performance standards, identifying and allocating the costs for product stewardship programs, communicating to and educating the public on such programs, and ensuring their transparency and accountability.