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National Day of Action and the 2013 Great American Cleanup

On April 6, Keep America Beautiful conducted its National Day of Action to support its Great American Cleanup.  The 2013 National Day of Action highlighted nine Keep America Beautiful affiliates’ events. KAB congratulates and gives special thanks to those affiliates listed below, for a day that collective actions lead to meaningful outcomes. 

Keep Phoenix Beautiful continued their work on the build out of garden projects and demonstration areas for PHX Renews, which is the largest transformation of vacant land happening in the country. Keep Phoenix Beautiful is helping to facilitate community-driven projects that will transform vacant land at the historic Steele Indian School Park.

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful has partnered with Florida State Fairgrounds to build a self-sustaining, one-acre learning garden that will serve school children who are in 4th grade and up.  Volunteers will work in the greenhouse area on installation of an aquaponic gardening system, building garden work tables for the greenhouse, and planting Florida-friendly trees.  The harvest from the garden will be distributed to the needy in the Tampa Bay area.

Keep Los Angeles Beautiful partnered with a City Council Member, to help an underserved area of the city.  The event will took
place at multiple locations with activities to include graffiti removal and cleanup of litter and debris.

Keep Carroll Beautiful hosted its annual spring e-waste and household hazardous waste collection event.

Oklahoma City Beautiful volunteers cleaned the trash and any illegal dumping that has accumulated in the waterways of Lake Overholser and on land at the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge.  Much of Oklahoma City gets its drinking water from this watershed area, so it’s important to keep these areas clean.

Keep Ohio Beautiful and the Ohio Department of Transportation kicked off its statewide roadway cleanup in Cleveland.   Volunteers comprised of neighborhood groups, businesses and organizations took to area roadways to pick up thousands of pounds of litter, recyclables and debris.

Knox Park Foundation volunteers continued the work of cleaning up from super storm Sandy at Keney Park, which is Hartford, Conn.’s largest park.

Keep Corpus Christi (Texas) Beautiful volunteers cleaned up areas around the Packery Channel Boat Ramp.  Volunteers will work
underwater and on the water surface, shorelines and land.

Keep Pearland (Texas) Beautiful volunteers dispersed throughout Pearland to clean up litter and debris in their community.

In addition to the affiliates listed above, many KAB affiliates and GAC participating organizations will be engaging volunteers in projects throughout the country on the National Day of Action. Click here to find an organization near you.


How to Volunteer

To learn about the Great American Cleanup, please contact:

Jason Smith

Sr. Director