Keep America Beautiful

2015 KAB/Lowe's Community Improvement Grant Recipients:


Affiliate State Amount
Montgomery Clean City Commission AL $20,000
KNOX, Inc. CT $20,000
Keep Washington DC Beautiful DC $20,000
Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful FL $20,000
Keep Pinellas Beautiful FL $20,000
Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation GA $20,000
Keep Northeast Nebraska Beautiful IA $20,000
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful IN $20,000
Keep Lexington-Fayette Beautiful KY $20,000
Keep Hammond Beautiful LA $20,000
Keep New Orleans Beautiful LA $20,000
Shreveport Green LA $20,000
Keep Genesee County Beautiful MI $20,000
Keep Our Coast Beautiful MS $20,000
Keep The Reservoir Beautiful MS $20,000
Keep Cass County Beautiful NE $20,000
Keep Las Vegas Beautiful NV $20,000
Keep Edisto Beautiful SC $20,000
Keep Kingsport Beautiful TN $20,000
Keep Knoxville Beautiful TN $20,000
Keep Temple Beautiful TX $20,000
Keep Houston Beautiful TX $20,000
Keep Texas Beautiful TX $20,000
Hampton Clean City Commission VA $20,000
Affiliate State Amount
Keep Martin Beautiful FL $10,000
Keep Vermilion County Beautiful IL $10,000
Keep Detroit Beautiful MI $10,000
Keep Ridgeland Beautiful MS $10,000
Keep Beatrice Beautiful, Inc. NE $10,000
Keep Jersey City Beautiful NJ $10,000
Keep Rockland Beautiful NY $10,000
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful OH $10,000
OKC Beautiful OK $10,000
Keep The Midlands Beautiful SC $10,000
Keep Lakeland Beautiful TN $10,000
Keep Plano Beautiful TX $10,000
Keep Virginia Beautiful VA $10,000
Affiliate State Amount
Keep Downey Beautiful CA $5,000
Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful CA $5,000
Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful FL $5,000
Keep Marietta Beautiful GA $5,000
Keep Tift Beautiful GA $5,000
Keep New Roads Beautiful LA $5,000
Keep Terrebonne Beautiful LA $5,000
Keep Clinton Beautiful MS $5,000
Bright N Beautiful MT $5,000
Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful, Inc. NC $5,000
Keep Akron Beautiful OH $5,000
Youngstown Litter Control and Recycling OH $5,000
Keep Hanahan Beautiful SC $5,000