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Creating Recycling Habits, Part II

Lessons learned from marketers and the use of emotions and stories to change behavior

In October 2011, Keep America Beautiful hosted a symposium titled, "Re:Psychology – Making recycling second nature."  We assembled a panel of experts to engage participants in a cross-sector dialogue about the challenges we face in the recycling industry and how we can utilize community-based social marketing strategies to increase recycling participation. For the second webinar in this series reviewing lessons learned from the Symposium, Craig Lefebvre, Ph.D., provided us with a framework to think about the design and execution of a social marketing program in your community. He walked us through what we can learn from commercial marketers and how we can integrate audience behavior and benefits with brand and positioning to effect change. We examined:
•    Audience segmentation and priority groups
•    Barriers and Benefits
•    The 4 P’s of marketing (Product, price, place, promotion)

Kelley Dennings then walked us through some examples showing the use of emotions and stories for behavior change.

Kelley Dennings, Director, Recycling Programs and Services, Keep America Beautiful; R. Craig Lefebvre, Ph.D., Research Professor at the University of South Florida College of Public Health. His current research focuses on applying design thinking, social media and mobile technologies in social marketing and public health programs. He also serves as chief maven at socialShift, the social design, marketing and media consultancy located in Sarasota, Fla.

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Creating Recycling Habits, Part I

Learnings from behavioral-based research and social marketing strategies

In October 2011, Keep America Beautiful hosted a symposium titled, "Re:Psychology – Making recycling second nature."

For the symposium, KAB assembled a panel of experts to examine cross-sector dialogue about the challenges faced and the lessons learned from behavioral-based research as well as the real-world experience of community-based social marketing strategies designed to increase recycling participation. The goal is to share and utilize these learnings to develop a cohesive, united approach to build momentum to increase recycling. This “Creating Recycling Habits” webinar series is designed to  synthesize the key learnings from this two-day symposium.

The first session featured Dr. P. Wesley Schultz, Professor of Psychology at California State University San Marcos, who shared highlights of behavioral-based recycling research and outlined various social marketing strategies with a focus on norming. We then heard from Julie Colehour, Principal of the social marketing firm Colehour+Cohen, who shared a campaign conducted in King County Washington that pushed recycling participation to the next level.

Additional sessions will include presentations about the use of stories, incentives and other community-based social marketing topics and tips.

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(Paper available upon request.)

Book Referenced During Presentation
Social Marketing to Protect the Environment: What Works
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Recycling 2.0: Exploring EPR for Packaging and Printed Mater

2012 Recycling Symposium

Increasing recycling, shifting costs from governments to private sector, and improving recycling systems were the topics discussed at KAB’s 2012 Recycling Symposium, “Enhancing the Recycling of Packaging and Printed Materials – Exploring EPR.”

The program featured representatives from all sectors of the recycling value chain as well as experts on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) from around the globe. The goal of convening a multi-stakeholder group was to provide a forum for candid exploration of the issues -- merits, challenges and feasibility -- of an EPR-type approach.

>>Click here for symposium presentation files.