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Graffiti Hurts eNews
Fall 2008

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>Three Cities Receive Graffiti Hurts Grants

>Graffiti Conference Makes News and Noise

>Graffiti Hurts Australia Featured on Radio Interview

>Health Impact of Graffiti Studied in New Zealand

>State of California Enacts Graffiti Law

>Los Angeles County Holds Taggers’ Parents Liable

>New Graffiti Tracking and Prevention Technologies

>Youth Volunteers Revive Defaced Mural

>"Legal Wall" Boosts Graffiti Complaints

Featured Graffiti Hurts Resource

When removing graffiti from private property, be sure to get the consent of property owners. Use these simple models or create one for your community: 

> City of Dallas (in English and in Spanish) consent form
> City of San Diego consent form

"Youth in the News"

Phi Theta Kappa Palo Alto College graffiti paint-out
Phi Theta Kappa Students Fight Graffiti with Cleanup and Murals
Phi Theta Kappa Chapter members at Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas, organized a cleanup of graffiti vandalism on two walls near their campus. Then they created murals for the walls depicting the rewards of education in an effort to prevent future graffiti. They even have a maintenance plan. 

> Learn more and see all the photos

From Graffiti Hurts

Welcome to the second issue of Graffiti Hurts eNews, a quarterly electronic publication from Graffiti Hurts and Keep America Beautiful, Inc. Through this publication, we hope to provide broad coverage of news and information on graffiti prevention initiatives, technology, and resources. We welcome your feedback at

Graffiti Hurts eNews
Fall 2008
Volume 1, Issue 2

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From Graffiti Hurts

Welcome to the second issue of Graffiti Hurts eNews, a quarterly electronic publication from Graffiti Hurts and Keep America Beautiful. Through this publication, we hope to provide broad coverage of news and information on graffiti prevention initiatives, technology, and resources.

We welcome your feedback at


Three Cities Receive Graffiti Hurts Grants

Corcoran Neighborhood Organization mural projectKeep America Beautiful has announced that the Kent Police Department (Wash.), ASPIRA, Inc. of New Jersey, and the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization (Minneapolis, Minn.) are recipients of $2,000 graffiti prevention grants from the 2008 Graffiti Hurts National Grant Program. 

“This year’s grant recipients presented exceptional plans to educate and engage at-risk youth, and to bring their entire communities together to prevent and eradicate graffiti,” said Matt McKenna, president and CEO of Keep America Beautiful.


Graffiti Conference Makes News and Noise

Santa Rosa Graffiti ConferenceA Northern California graffiti conference in Santa Rosa drew over 300 participants, including law enforcement, city government, public works departments, nonprofits, and schools. The August 1, 2008 conference also hosted anti-graffiti vendors marketing abatement and detection products.

The conference, organized and presented by the Santa Rosa Police Department and the No Graffiti Network, was featured in several news reports and blogs.

> View photos
Read blog about vendors
> Read news reports in The Mercury News and the Santa Rosa Press Democrat about the conference

Graffiti Hurts Australia
Helping create cleaner safer communities

Graffiti Hurts Australia Featured on Radio Interview

A Sydney, Australia radio station 2SER FM (Razors Edge) interviewed Graffiti Hurts Australia’s CEO Scott Hilditch September 17, 2008 about street art, graffiti vandalism, public policy, and more.

> Listen to the interview

Health Impact of Graffiti Studied in New Zealand

The hidden health effects of graffiti vandalism are the subject of a $36,000 government-funded study being carried out by Hawke's Bay District Health Board of New Zealand. "If graffiti is causing community concern in terms of safety, it could affect the broader health and well-being of that community," said Director of Public Health Mark Jacobs.

> More


State of California Enacts Graffiti Law

CaliforniaCalifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a measure into law this summer requiring convicted vandals to remove tags and in some cases keep surfaces clean for a year. 

The measure makes it mandatory, instead of discretionary, for a court to order a defendant who is convicted of graffiti vandalism to clean up or repair the property when feasible. The court also could order the defendant or a minor defendant's parents or guardians to keep the damaged property free of graffiti for up to one year.

"Last year the City of Los Angeles-Office of Community Beautification removed a record 31.7 million square feet of graffiti from over 675,000 locations,” says Director Paul Racs. “We’re hopeful that this new legislation will assist in making taggers think before writing graffiti. We are continuing to seek various methods of discouraging the writing of graffiti, and feel that this new legislation is a step in the right direction."

The City of Los Angeles was a sponsor of the law.

Los Angeles County Holds Taggers’ Parents Liable

A Los Angeles County anti-graffiti ordinance that went into effect September 18, 2008 allows the county to recover costs of graffiti removal from parents of children convicted of tagging property. Supervisor Gloria Molina said the measure is a “wake-up call” to parents and will strengthen the county's pilot anti-graffiti program.

> Read about this ordinance in the online version of the San Diego Tribune or in a Los Angeles Times' blog


New Graffiti Tracking and Prevention Technologies

To keep up with new technology to reduce tagging and apprehend graffiti vandals, here are three that have come to the attention of Graffiti Hurts:

  • Orange County, Calif.’s Sheriff’s Department has unveiled Tracking Automated Graffiti Reporting System, or TAGRS, which uses cell phones equipped with cameras and global-positioning devices to document and track graffiti.
  • A high-tech security sniffing device, developed by a Sydney, Australia company, that detects airborne chemicals, including paint fumes, and sends alert to property owner’s computer or mobile phone.  > More
  • The Graffiti Reduction and Intercept Program is a graffiti and crime tracking database allowing many partners to share data collectively.


Youth Volunteers Revive Defaced Mural

Las Cruces Beautiful mural projectWith the assistance of Keep Las Cruces Beautiful, N.M., two 15-year-old high school sophomores repaired and restored a mural originally painted in 2004 that had been vandalized by graffiti.

Mayfield sophomores Denali Wilson and Ashley Sosa worked with Carrie McDonald from Keep Las Cruces Beautiful to repair the graffiti damaged murals on the City of Las Cruces Triviz walk- underpass. Denali, an artist, believes that "no matter what graffiti is on, it makes it really ugly and if it is on art work, you only see the graffiti and not the art.”

The students decided to initiate this project because of Denali’s father, who rides his bicycle past the destroyed murals each day on his way to work. And they were thanked by many of the bicyclists and walkers who passed by the makeover. “It was really easy to fix,” says Denali, “but if you leave it, it just attracts more graffiti."

Keep Las Cruces Beautiful supplied paint and permissions and the girls provided the expertise and artistic touch. Denali and Ashley plan to design and paint two additional murals on the Telshor side of the tunnel.

"Legal Wall" Boost Graffiti Complaints

Naugatuck, Conn., officials say graffiti complaints have increased from an average of 3.3 per month to more than five per month in recent weeks since the creation of an eight-foot concrete wall to "let graffiti artists show their skills."

> More

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